Dunder (2015)


A short about some friendly monsters.

Client: Fabelfjord

Role: Freelance - tracking, lighting, rendering, compositing

Mask (2015)


A 20 second commercial about breaking the silence of domestic abuse for a campaign aimed towards young boys.

Client: Bryd Tavsheden (NGO)

Role: Technical director, rigging, background creation

Trailer Project - Casablanca (2014)


A 30 second trailer for the classic Casablanca in our own style and with our own take on the story.

Role: Technical director, rigging, generalist

Short Short Project (2014)


A 50 second short targeted to kids in the age of 4- 6.

Role: Technical troubleshooting, background layout, compositing


Less Than Human


A 5 minute short about an interview with two zombies.

Role: Technical director, pipeline TD, rigging, simulation, generalist